Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Less Than a Week?

Maybe it was because I was gone for a week in December but it doesn't feel like Christmas is just a week away! The mall somehow doesn't seem crazy enough although last night at a store I overheard a lady comment to her husband that there wasn't much on the shelves. She was really right!

Here are some pictures of a coordinated project my boyfriend and I did together. He took care of the inside (the cookies and fudge) and I took on the outside. They are shipping tubes of treats! I used inexpensive acrylic paint and cut up a new sponge into squares and just went at them. Sometimes the best projects are when you have no idea the outcome but you really like the supplies (in my case sparkly paints and glitter glue pens!)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Art Deco How I Love Thee

I just got back from three weeks of vacation. The last week was spent in Miami and I'll work on getting the pictures up from the fabulous trip. I had no idea what to expect going in and was really pleasantly surprised. So much art!

This first set is from South Beach (which is actually a different city than Miami). I had sort of expected the worst from South Beach (snooty beautiful people) but instead felt very comfortable walking around in casual shorts and staring mouth agape at all the FANTASTIC art deco architecture. If you like deco, GO TO SOUTH BEACH!

All of the above images (accept the one under the "Art Deco Welcome Center") are from South Beach. How can people not be friendly living amid such bright colors?