Monday, March 31, 2008

Donna Zagotta Day 1

Donna Zagotta began filming today and I might have to kick Mom (Lynn) off of camera B so that I can be in there and watch. Studio set up started last week and we were all wowed by what we found in the boxes Donna had sent. Donna's work is amazing. She does the type of figure work that I really love.

At lunch Donna talked a little about her work. She said at one point she began to be known for her interior paintings and in order to not be pigeon holed she made a conscious effort to add figures and street scenes to her repertoire. That's an interesting move. Artists- especially instructors- seem to walk a delicate line between being able to pursue art where art takes them (through styles and subject matter) but also having a consistent style that people can come to know.

If you love Donna's work, check out Polly Hammet, Carla O'Connor and George James.


One of my goals this year (Feb/Mar resolutions) is to learn a new computer program. This goal lines up surprising well with a new policy at work that allows us an 8-hour day each month to work on learning a skill or program of our choice. Our first go at this was this last Wednesday and I'm on my way to learning Illustrator. Such a fascinating program...and dear Lord I have a long way to go.

Can you spot where I messed up? :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Forgive the mess. I'm trying a few new things with blogger and it will take a few days to figure out the new (and improved...hopefully) system.

Thank you!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Work Day

Someone should let the weather know here in Oregon that it is practically APRIL. with that in mind, one might wonder why I see a flurry of snowflakes coming down outside my office window? The early blooming flowers look about as miserable as all the tiny birds being tossed around in erratic gusts.

Luckily I've spent most of the day (and by most I mean the last 6 hours) in a meeting. This is what I love about being in a small business. When we see a need for something we can call a meeting

Great News for Quilt Lovers

A rich and wonderful tradition is getting some well deserved press...and space. This Saturday, Lincoln, Nebraska will see the opening of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. What began with a gift of around 950 quilts from Ardis and Robert James, the International Quilt Study Center now boasts the largest collect of quilts in the world. Speakers at the Center will include Nancy Crow (March 30), Janet Berlo (April 13) and Jonathan Holstein (June 5). For more visit There you can find a more detailed listing of speakers, workshops and exhibitions.

(Image from Jeff Muceus and Wikimedia Commons)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Encaustic with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Last week we were lucky enough to have encaustic artist Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch film here at the Creative Catalyst Productions studios. Lynn and I fought over who got to run camera B and as soon as Patricia left, we went out and purchased a months supply of beeswax. Patricia makes it look downright easy. Lynn and I discovered that it's not quite THAT easy but after editing Patricia's workshop DVD and a few tries, I think Lynn and I will both love this medium. There is just so much versatility in it. I find myself looking at everything and thinking, "I wonder how THAT would look under a little wax."