Monday, November 29, 2010

Anne Bagby inspired Christmas Card

Anne Bagby was just at our studios filming her second DVD workshop, and while she showed us a bunch of really cool new techniques, I began thinking about what I could do with the ones she taught in her first DVD at Creative Catalyst Productions, "Paper, Patterns, and Glazing." This is a take on her complicated paper. The technique is fantastic within serious collage work and also excellent for an afternoon of holiday fun.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snowflake Card1

Fun with paper scraps!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Caroline Jasper has new work just in time for the holidays. I learned a lot from her time here with us at Creative Catalyst Productions and even more while I edited her video, "Color Moves: Painting Water with Oil." Her DVD was the first one that introduced me to colored grounds. Caroline will start her oil paintings on a bright red or bright orange gessoed background. She then builds her color from there. You can see traces of the original background in the luminescent lines around trees or edges of boats in water. I really love her work.

Painting starting in top left, clockwise: Little Beach, Hidden, Little Shelter, Wait

Thursday, November 11, 2010


when an artist hands you a drawing she's just filmed and tells you to put spray fixative on it b/c, "Oh it's easy," and then you fast forward a day and she paints on that drawing and all the pencil lines disappear b/c you did not in fact do a very good job with fixative? That's what we call totally not awesome.*

*But thank goodness Anne was TOTALLY (totally) nice about it.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Year 1

Anne Bagby Sketches in a Brow
Anne Bagby has taken a lot of workshops from great artists. One, Alex Powers, told her class that it takes 10 years of painting to start creating original work. Most of the class found it discouraging but not Anne. I'm with Anne. To be able to start creating original work in only 10 years, well, that sounds like a cosmic deal. Ten years we can do.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Anne Bagby is On Her Way

We leave Creative Catalyst Productions in about an hour to drive to the airport and meet Anne Bagby. The studio is prepped. The cameras are ready. The cats can't wait to meet a new human and we're all really excited.

I've been in love with Anne's work since we have the opportunity to film her last DVD workshop, "Paper, Patterns, and Glazing"and am unbelievably happy that we have the opportunity to spend even more time with her for this second DVD.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I have always been a serious fan of card making. Not only do you get to do something creative but you get to send that piece to someone you love. All around fantastic.

At work, Creative Catalyst Productions, we're asking our newsletter subscribers and blog readers to send us images of the cards they make. My Halloween cards fell apart this year so I'm excited to try and create something for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

If you have a card you'd like to share, please send a high resolution jpg and a brief description on how you made the card to

Happy card making!