Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I'm still moving. How long does it take to move? Well, when you have as much stuff as I have, apparently a long time. (It doesn't help however that my evenings are now spent in rehearsal and most nights I won't get home until 10pm starting tonight but that is an aside.) I had this realization on Friday that I desperately needed to do something with my hands. My new studio is still mostly a cardboard box growth culture and I might know where my paints are but that doesn't mean I've yet located my brushes OR have a surface on which to paint. So I opened my stamp drawer. I literally used a few colors and grabbed for stamps at random and worked off of whatever was on the floor next to me whether it be a 6x8 index card or a piece of green painted paper. And for about 30 minutes I just played. It felt good and reminded me of why it's so important I get focused and put my studio together.

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