Friday, October 08, 2010 I distrust thee

I grew up with this notion that artists have wild lives full of adventure and intrigue. Almost a prerequisite for making good art. Yet, I feel like I didn't really discover my own artistic leanings until the world around me settled into a known calm. And ironically, it was leaving a city brimming with creativity did I find my own creative voice. Or really even realize I have one.

These are the things I'm thinking about as my husband and I pack our belongings and move back to that creative city.
Blocks from art galleries and coffee shops being run by off hour artists. We are keeping our (wonderful) jobs with Creative Catalyst Productions but will be able to spend evenings with our peers. Something lacking in the small cities we both grew up in and have lived in until, well, tomorrow.

But what does it take to make an artist? Big A. Little a. Art happens in the smallest, rural towns and the largest cities in the world. Each of us needs something different to feel like we can extend our souls onto paper or into song. I am curious, and yes more than a little scared, what this new city will mean for my own endeavors. Wait and see, I suppose. Wait and see.

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