Monday, February 07, 2011

Glitter Paper Tutorial

 I always buy glitter when it's on sale. The result is that I have a lot of glitter just lying about. I love glitter but I hate that it gets everywhere so while I have a ton of it, I'm reticent to use it. Enter glitter paper. It's like a glitter sandwich with gel medium as the bread. This year I'm using it to make hair clips and valentines day pins.

1. Paint your paper with an acrylic color similar to your glitter color. Cover with gel medium. I use a palette knife for all gel medium work in this project.

2. While gel medium is still wet, add glitter. Wait a few minutes and then gently press the glitter into the gel. After an hour or so, tap off the extra glitter and put the paper to the side to dry.

3. Once the gel has dried completely, add your second layer of gel medium.

4. With a palette knife spread the the gel across the glitter until you have an even layer. Let dry completely and then cut with scissors.


EWian said...

Thanks for the tutorial, adding gel on top was a neat tip.


Kelly said...

Thank you! I think I'll start making Green glitter paper now for future Christmas cards. Or St Patrick's day..which I guess is closer :)