Friday, May 06, 2011

Week 5: Engagement Buds or Yarn Buds

Photo tutorial after the jump.

-yarn (different yarns will have different bud effects.)
-hot glue gun
-hot glue
-round punch
-something to wrap the yarn around. I use a nail polish bottle.
-green paint
-green felt
-paint brush
-card stock. Paint white or use one with a pattern or glitz
-stem wire (not pictured)

1. Cut out your circle and paint the underneath side green. (Not shown :)

2. Leave yourself a few inches length and then wrap yarn around neck of nail polish bottle. I wrapped 25 times. Finish your wrapping on the side where you started.

3. Cut your yarn and tie the two ends together.

4. Carefully pull off the bottle. Adjust the knot so that it at the bottom of the nest.  Wrap one of the ends around that edge of the nest and then tie with the other end again at the bottom.  With a separate piece of string, tie the other side. Have the knot at the bottom.

5. Put a rim of hot glue around the edge of your punched card stock. Push nest down. Then trim the strings from tying.


6. Cut a rectangle of felt. Fold in half. Down the middle, about half way down, run a strip of hot glue and then press in your stem wire. Press the felt in half. It's kind of like a felt and stem hotdog where your bun obscures the dog.

7. You want to make a ledge with the excess felt. Press it open. Add some hot glue and press it into cardstock.

8. And there you have your first bud. Now make a bunch. Cat's love these things and they look great shoved into baby's breath.

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