Sunday, February 04, 2007

Day 3: Heart Tree

1/2 Chopstick
2 Styrofoam balls (1 large for tree, one small to smash inside napkin ring)
napkin ring (I lucked out and found this one as part of 6 at Goodwill for 99c)
4 different greens felt
brown felt (for "dirt")
Sobo craft glue

Recipe :
Cut up a ton of green hearts in various sizes.
Poke chopstick into big Styrofoam ball.
Glue on green felt layers onto big Styrofoam ball until all white is covered.
Cut small hole in "dirt" felt and lay over small Styrofoam ball.
Push small ball with felt up into the napkin ring so that it's snug and the felt hole is center facing skyward.
Poke chop stick (with "tree" on top) through the small felt hold into little ball.

Create three and leave along a windowsill.


claudine hellmuth said...

this is SO cute!!!

Kelly said...

Thanks Claudine!