Monday, March 19, 2007

Virginia: Day 3

In movies they always have the artist characters covered in paint. (The current show Heroes has this for example.) This always sort of annoyed me because all the artists I know are really tidy. Artists don't want random color on their hands because those random colors might get into their palettes or onto their paintings and create mud. Who *are* these artists the movies portray? Then I met Virginia. She moves paint with everything from razors to squeegees to her own hands. (As seen in the picture). Not only is it fun to watch, it has beautiful outcomes.

Virginia left yesterday early and we were sad to see her go. Lynn is already planning on attending one of her workshops in September. How fun will that be?!?

Update: Virginia's DVD Acrylic Abstract Painting: The Evolving Image, is now available at Creative Catalyst Productions.

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