Friday, October 19, 2007


Yesterday about this time we finally got power back in the office. I hope this isn't shades of things to come this winter! Last winter we had a few days where we were living out of a hotel and running a generator and electricity from a next door neighbor to work our mail processing machine to get out orders. (Susan was here in the dark with about 10 layers of clothing on FREEZING as she sent out DVDs.) We spent yesterday's power outage moving everything in our downstairs office (Susan's and Jim's desk plus ALL our DVD inventory and more importantly the shelves that inventory sits on) to the other side of the room. We sort of did a mirror image flip...and when I see "we" I mean the other two editors, Jim and Susan. I was sent on food runs and postage runs. Today is much calmer here at CCP and we are all completely ready for a weekend!

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