Saturday, February 09, 2008

Valentines Cards

I love fabric. I absolutely love the texture it gives to cards, but bobbin problems usually kill all desire to work with the medium. My answer? Fusible webbing. Here are some valentines day card ideas where the only sewing necessary is some time with a needle and thread. No machine required.

Card 1: I drew my design on with fabric chalk so I could have a line to follow. I used pink and white thread with a little netting over the heart. If you flipped the fabric over, you'd see that I'd taped down the beginning and end of my thread so that it wouldn't slip out. No fancy knots. I finished hand stitching the design and then ironed double sided fusible webbing to my material and then ironed everything to my cardstock.

Card 2. I simply cut out a rectangle of fabric and fused it to cardstock. I cut out a fabric heart and adhered it to the fabric with fabric glue.

Card 3. The flower fabric is an old curtain I bought at Goodwill. I fused it to double sided webbing and then drew and cut out the design. I then fused the individual pieces to the brown fabric before fusing the whole thing to cardstock.

Card 4. I used a bunch of tiny scraps to create flower circles, a vase and a leaf. I adhered the flowers with fabric glue and used webbing for the vase. The back side of the card has a piece of polkadot fabric on it. (Same fabric as in one of the flowers).

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