Friday, March 28, 2008

Work Day

Someone should let the weather know here in Oregon that it is practically APRIL. with that in mind, one might wonder why I see a flurry of snowflakes coming down outside my office window? The early blooming flowers look about as miserable as all the tiny birds being tossed around in erratic gusts.

Luckily I've spent most of the day (and by most I mean the last 6 hours) in a meeting. This is what I love about being in a small business. When we see a need for something we can call a meeting
where all of us (customer service, editing, marketing, managing, and web) can gather in a room and hack it all out. It was both frustrating and extremely fun. We all bring SUCH different perspectives to any given question and it's creative and a lot of hard work. The small company factor also means that everyone has equal weight in discussions. That's just sort of how we are here at CCP. Lynn and Jim have the final say because they are the CEOs and founders, but we all are equal when it comes to suggestions. Both Lynn and Jim are completely open to seeing new ideas. Some of the ideas I put out there today might get implemented. They might make this company a small bit better...and as a worker that's really exciting.

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