Monday, March 31, 2008

Donna Zagotta Day 1

Donna Zagotta began filming today and I might have to kick Mom (Lynn) off of camera B so that I can be in there and watch. Studio set up started last week and we were all wowed by what we found in the boxes Donna had sent. Donna's work is amazing. She does the type of figure work that I really love.

At lunch Donna talked a little about her work. She said at one point she began to be known for her interior paintings and in order to not be pigeon holed she made a conscious effort to add figures and street scenes to her repertoire. That's an interesting move. Artists- especially instructors- seem to walk a delicate line between being able to pursue art where art takes them (through styles and subject matter) but also having a consistent style that people can come to know.

If you love Donna's work, check out Polly Hammet, Carla O'Connor and George James.

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