Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Autumn Paper

Last night I worked on paper for autumn cards. I like how the paper turned out but realized the leaf print was too large for cards. It wouldn't read on a 4x6" area.

1. Brown paper and covered it in Mod Podge.
2. I cut out a stencil in cereal box cardboard and applied brown craft paint with the design.
3. I painted a green glaze (craft paint and Golden glazing medium) and used bubble wrap to create texture.

4. Back to the cardboard stencil with light violet glaze (purple craft paint and Golden glazing medium.) I also used the leaf shape remaining from the stencil cut and painted around the outside edge of it.
5. Stencil and copper paint. When the paint was still wet I used a rubber leaf stamp and stamped off the wet paint.
6. Second purple paint glaze. This one a bit darker.
7. Mod Podge.

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