Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clumsy- Illustration Friday

I searched Clumsy and found a story of an art student who tripped and ripped a Picasso. You can't help but have empathy for her. Originally I was going to try and have people with Picasso-like bodies walking around on a street with a stray ear here, stray nose there, but I don't really have those drawing skills. So I started constructing bodies out of rectangles. After I placed the five people, I began laying body components elsewhere. The idea is that any of those other pieces could be rectangle people. We are all very fragile whether we are made of right edges or not.

I'd like to try this at home with acrylic paint and fabric.

Have I mentioned that I need to learn to draw? Yeeah.


Julissa said...

Hi Kelly, Interesting post. It reminds me of the city and people going about their day. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated! :)

outsketch said...

Love this depiction of clumsy: brittle and blocky. Also the composition is cool. Great to look at.