Sunday, January 10, 2010

Painting/Collage Practice

Here's something I worked on last night. I like it better on the computer than I do in real life. In real life it seems too light. I need to make it darker but I'm not exactly sure how.

I think in my next try on a different piece I will try to create texture all across the page (face and background) and then mask out the background or then hit it with more colors and texture. On this piece I painted in the face and then worked up the background texture but after adding to the background, the face looked completely mismatched with the activity going on behind it.

Also, I should say that it was great being able to use things I'd learned in Ann Baldwin's 2nd DVD ("Text and Texture in Mixed Media Collage") in a way that wasn't necessarily exactly what she was teaching. That's a big step for me. Also made me realize I need to review the individual techniques in that b/c I was having trouble remembering the different times Ann suggests using molding paste vs heavy gel gloss.


Murray said...

Nice Kel. Have you considered getting something to color balance your monitor? The XRite Eye-One works really well. I use it at work and it makes a big difference in viewing photographs accurately. It would probably help with your problem of the image looking better on the computer than in real life.
That's not the best price I've seen, so shop around if you decide to get one.

Kelly said...

Ooooh. Interesting. I'll look into this. Thanks Murray!