Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Creative Catalyst Art Show Winner: Congratulations Mary Rochelle Burnham!

We had a portrait art show at work and Jean Pederson was the juror. Jean chose Mary Rochelle Burnham's piece, "Richard."

Here's Mary's assessment of the painting.
What is your favorite part of this painting?
How the light models the face and brings out the warmth of the subject, both in color and personality.

What was a challenge and how did you find a solution?
The challenge is that I managed to get Rich to agree to sit for our portrait group that meets every week! Working from a live model can be difficult with distractions, model breaks and changing light from outdoor windows. The solution for me is to stay focused on my goal of what I'm trying to achieve by giving myself permission to express myself artistically and not try to be a camera.

Mary's final comment is really lovely. She wrote:
Richard...is my wonderful husband, the love of my life. I hope that through the use of light and color that I have captured my feelings for him and his sweet, glowing disposition. We have been married over twenty years and I have cherished every moment with him!

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