Friday, April 06, 2012

Robin the Felt Bird

Besides the really great, positive working environment, my new part time job comes with a serious perk: Industrial toilet paper rolls. I am a fan of the regular house hold type of toilet paper roll. And eventually, someday, when I get my act together, this blog may see some of the creations based on the mighty little roll. But what we also might start seeing here are the creations based on the mighty giant roll. It's the secret inside every public highway restroom ever. And I have a key!

Side note: My husband really likes this bird. Some day he's going to wake up and see a whole row of them below his side of the bed looking up at him. Werner Herzog would not be impressed.

Also, maybe we've just landed in our version of the urban chicken.


bride-in-dream said...

the toilet paper in ur post is so interesting!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

cool! How did u do that?