Friday, September 21, 2012

Jane Davies' Scribble Collage

One of the best parts of my job at Creative Catalyst Productions is meeting working artists. Art doesn't just happen. A beautiful piece is the result of hundreds and hundreds of hours of thought and work. Meeting the brains and passion behind that hard work is inspiring each and every time.

And for that reason there is a special place in my heart when we release a new DVD. We take months on our projects. We aren't a bring-them-in-spit-them-out operation. We take months before we shoot getting to know the artist. We spend an intense few days shooting the video and then we spend months putting the project together in post production. It's a labor of love. And it's so exciting to be able to share that love with fellow artists.

So welcome to the world Jane Davies', Scribble Collage with Hand-Painted Paper. We cannot wait for what you have to share!

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