Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rocks for Collage?

Where does Carrie Burns Brown find the rocks she adheres to her collages. And what does she use to glue them on?
-Cindy B.


Carrie says that she finds her agates all over at gem shops. She found a particularly nice selection at the Denver airport, proving that it's worth looking anywhere and everywhere for good craft supplies. If you're not connecting through Denver anytime soon, gem shops or online vendors might be your best bet.

Carrie calls her gems “agates” in her video, but there is a precise term for the type she uses: Brazilian agate slabs. They're readily available on eBay; search for "Brazilian agate slab" or "agate slab." Be sure to check the depth – Carrie uses thin ones.

A quick search brought me many gem websites. The first one is a fun learning tool for all the types of agates out there. The second website is a good example of a site ready to sell agates. I can't vouch for any of these sites from a customer standpoint, but they are good places to start your search.


Carrie attaches the gems with E-6000 Jewelry Glue or GOOP, both manufactured by Eclectic Products. A local jewelry or gem shop might be your best bet for purchasing jewelry glue, but you can find GOOP at the hardware store. Large craft stores like Michael's may have both glues.

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