Monday, April 16, 2007

A Wonderful Way to Start the Week:

At our small company every comment we get has a major impact. Early in the process, when it was just Lynn and Jim doing everything, someone emailed them a list of all the spelling and grammar errors they had made in a DVD and yes, clearly we should NOT be putting out DVDs with *spelling* errors but it's easy to forget that people (us in this case) actually make these DVDs. We make them just like someone knits a sweater or paints a painting. In our case, each of us here has a part of it we do, and unfortunately, a few of us are weak links when it comes to spelling. But because of that one letter, we now *painstakingly* look at every text block at each step of the process to make sure we've got "it's" instead of "its" and (my weak point) "palette" instead of "pallete".

This morning about 30 minutes into the day, Jim one of the co-founders, comes bounding upstairs with a huge smile and says, "Kelly, Zach, I'm going to interrupt your important work b/c this is just too cool." He hands me a 8" diameter circular piece of paper with a note written in a spiral. "Read it out loud," he says. So I do.

A customer writes that she loves our DVDs (yay!) and has actually taken one of our catalogues and used it to make the very paper I'm holding (it's really cool paper). She thanks us for the work we do. I don't think she could know how happy that made everyone in the office. What started out as a rainy dark day just turned into an amazing day. We turn back to our computers with more enthusiasm. Just like when you make something and then wrap it with a pretty bow and hand it over to someone else, you hold your breath to see how they react when it's opened. It makes all the difference when they say, "Thank you, I love it."

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amandajean said...

oh, I bet that was just a wonderful note to receive.