Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Creative Catalyst (where I work and practically live...good thing I adore my co-workers!) has art shows about 4 times a year. Not only is it a great place to show your art and see others' work as well, but there are some fun prizes. (Can't beat fun prizes!)

This summer's theme: Telling Stories with Art. Their (our?) website says:

"The Summer Art Exhibition is about story telling. Summer is a great time to be part of stories from your travels, family outings, neighborhood get togethers. Have fun, tell a story with your art and share it in the Summer Art Show. All media are welcome."

Entries are accepted until August 30th.

I think this is sort of cool. Often Creative Catalyst contests are more media specific (watercolor for example) so I'm excited to see more mixed media in this Summer's.

The juror will be the very cool and talented collage artist Ann Baldwin. We were lucky enough to be able to meet and film Ann during one of her workshops at Art and Soul Retreats, Asilomar California.

Want more information about the show and how to enter? Go here!

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