Friday, May 18, 2007


The birds are so loud outside our office window! I can tell it's sort of annoying our sound editing guy, Zach. He's not anti-bird but it's hard to focus on audio while there is a shouting match of chirps not 5 feet away. Me? I find both very amusing.

I'm on my second pass through Virginia Cobb's DVD. She says such great things. Here's a quote I found today,

"Be real alert to what's going on with you and everything around you when you paint because everything is part of the painting and you are responding not just to the paint, although that's the the big thing, but also the sounds. So one day in my studio I hear birds out my window and another day the rain is pounding on my roof. Do I paint the same on those two days? If I do I'm not paying attention." -V.Cobb

After I found the quote I read it to Zach and he said that everything we do at Creative Catalyst Productions should look and feel like birds chirping. Ha!

(Images are from Virginia's video). See more of Virginia's work here!

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