Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer Activities

I love planning. I love preparing. The actual doing is fun but I have to say there is a thrill I get sitting down with a clean sheet of paper, a favorite pen and creating a list. My list-in-progress is my "Summer Projects" list for July 2 when I finish the community theater production I'm in. So many plans! There is baking and apartment decorating and sewing!

I told myself I wouldn't start anything new until I had my evenings free again but I caved. I couldn't pass up these two opportunities and I'm really excited about partaking. The first is a weekly crochet lesson done by the very cool women over at Craft Daisies. They polled their readers about whether they'd rather learn knitting or crocheting. I'm happy to learn either! Every Tuesday Heather will post a lesson and we'll have a week to master (ha!) the technique.

The second is another weekly workshop put on by a yahoo group I'm learning to love. I'm a member of a couple of yahoo groups but lurk more than participate. Artists of the Round Table is putting on an Artist Trading Card workshop based on Bernie Berlin's book, "Artist Trading Card Workshop." The book's author will be running the class and I'm very excited for a good introduction into what I think will be a cool chance to work on techniques I can translate into collages. (I suppose ATCs are really just mini collages you give away :)

So, perhaps my summer doesn't begin until July 2 but maybe by then I can add crocheting and ATCs to the summer fun! Either way it's always good to try new things.

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