Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Four Days with Craig Nelson

Our first day with Craig Nelson started at 6:45 am in a field. We set up this giant sheet-like contraption to soften the sunlight on both Craig and his painting. (It worked beautifully.) We only had one panic when we laid everything out and realized we had nothing to actually put it together with. The rental company was over an hour away and there wouldn't be time to go get the pieces. Luckily Jim just had them in his car. (*phew*)

Craig was here 4 days and was loads of fun. He's traveled all over the world and tells great stories of his adventures. Also, he's an amazing artist and teacher. He is so comfortable teaching that he just speaks his thoughts as he paints, which is ideal for people learning to paint. He's also really easy going and flexible, which is ideal for those of us behind the cameras. We could just pipe up (and he wanted us to) and say, "I don't get this." He'd barely miss a beat and come back with some really clear and concise explanation. Excellent. I can't wait to get started editing.

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