Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Well Hello Lisa Engelbrecht

Lisa Engelbrecht's name is front and center in the March/April edition of Somerset Studio magazine. Inside there is a beautiful full page image of Lisa's Collage of Hope and an article to accompany. She discusses some of the inspiration for her piece including Emily Dickinson whose quote sits prominently in the piece.

What I really enjoy about Lisa Engelbrecht's article is how she speaks about the emotional qualities that go into a piece. Yes she talks about the technical (color washes, letter and shapes, etc) but it's the paragraph titled, "Wordless Faith" that really captures my attention. Lisa writes, "Hope is also not a matter of words. Hope makes the impossible seem possible, I guess like wordless faith." A somewhat challenging and beautiful sentiment when accompanying a piece of art that is all about words.

It's fun to read Lisa's first hand account of her own process because after filming and then editing her DVD, "Hand lettering on Bali Lantern" I can see that process as I read her words. Lisa was a delight to film. She is really quiet funny and it was hard to not talk on set. She is a person you want to ask questions. You want to engage. I think this comes across equally as well in "Hand Lettering."

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