Friday, January 05, 2007


Countdown until the weekend begins now! (It actually probably started *hours* ago.)

There is talk about starting an official Creative Catalyst Production blog. A place to hear from the artists and see work and all sorts of neat stuff. That's kind of exciting. I'm not sure how much I'll have a part in that. I know I'm learning the tiny details of newsletters however. Usually I design Craft Cat, hand it over to Jim who converts everything over into the appropriate formats for the actual newsletter. The result has been a lot of running up and down of stairs and emails of lists of corrections that need to be made. Finally I just decided that I need to learn the program and compile the final product myself. THIS is why the newsletter won't be going out until Monday. I absolutely LOVE creating the newsletter...turning it all into the correct HTML code is sort of like trying to hike up a learning curve and having a bunch of little <'s and >'s and "'s, etc come rampaging down at you full speed.

ps- The above is my first attempt at carving a stamp a la Gloria Page. Part of a card for Craft Cat. It's amazing how doing something as simple as carving a rubber box can feel so rewarding.

(Update: We now have a blog! Check it out here: Creative Catalyst Productions Blog)

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