Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Glue-ish Stuff

Apparently there is some toxic glue-like smell coming out of the studio and editing suites. Every time Susan and Lynn come upstairs for anything they look around, sniff, say something about a glue smell and then inevitably look my way.

The "I have no idea what your talking about, glue?" doesn't work because, well, from my current view I can see a Modpodge, a gel medium and a tube of fabric glue. (If I turned out my pockets we'd probably find a glue stick and Elmer's.)

We've descended into sniffing around corners, opening bottles and comparing notes. What is the cause of this *glue* smell? The final solution is that tonight I'm cleaning up all the half-started projects and we'll see if the smell disappears. Or at least they'll no longer be able to look suspiciously in my direction.

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