Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekend Work

I'm spending the weekend making up hours I've missed or will miss here at Creative Catalyst Productions. Something about being in the offices on the weekend is nice. It's just me and the cat and my podcasts.

As soon as I finish Jacqueline Sullivan draft one to hand off to Zach, I'm going to work on the Try This at Home Challenge. I've been watching Lesley's video and am both excited and nervous. It's so fun to watch. It's much harder to *do*. I understand this is just part of learning curve.

However, a quick trip to the craft store yesterday made me realize I hadn't listened well enough to some parts of the DVD and I need to make better notes! (It also made me notice yet again that I succumb WAY TOO EASILY to bright shiny objects in craft stores.)

I've got some general themes though and I'm excited to get down to business later today!

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