Thursday, October 05, 2006

I love cheese cloth

Before I start a note on the mundane: audio is going to be great. Yes, we occasionally had to stop Jacqueline Sullivan and ask her to repeat things due to a low flying JET but for the most part, no problem.

OK, so onto cheesecloth, sort of.

What amazes me about all the artists we meet at Creative Catalyst Productions is that when you first see their work, you think, "How the hell do they do that?" And then you watch them do it and you think, "Wow, OK. I get it." And this is always followed by a short pause, maybe a slight head scratch and another, "How the hell do they do that?" Because there is a distance between understanding what it is they show you (technique, etc) and then being able to do it yourself with the ease they exhibit. I am reminded again and again that art is about experimentation and practice. People come from all over the country to see Jacqueline teach. You understand why within minutes of her workshop. It's inspiring to see her do what she does so beautifully and know that it hasn't happened over night. I think it's inspiring because it gives me hope than with enough hard work maybe some day I too will be able to put paint on canvas and impact people as Sullivan's work does.

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