Friday, October 27, 2006

Most Days

One of the things that is pretty cool about my job is that I’m upstairs in the editing bay working on our artist Ratindra Das. Downstairs I can hear Susan taking a phone order for DVDs that were edited before I came here but I still know their stories. (One is my grandmother’s DVD and I really remember the process for that one.) This is what is so fun about being a part of a small business: you can see your work materialize. The video I’m currently editing will travel downstairs to Lynn for the first check. From there it will travel back upstairs to Zach and I will get to hear everything I’ve already edited a million times as he cleans out all audio bumps and works color. Then it will go back to Lynn and a cover will be designed while Zach takes all of our edited work and create chapters and the DVD itself. Zach sends a DVD to the artist to check and when it comes back it goes off to the duplicator somewhere in California. Zach makes a trailer that will be put on the web and then a test DVD comes back and Jim and Zach check for errors and anything we may have missed. And then with one more send off, we wait for a few weeks and a giant pile of boxes cheerfully arrive from our UPS guy. And then I get to hear the phone call and Susan talking with customers about something I helped create. Some days pass really slowly (as all jobs occasionally have this) but other days (most days really), there is such and excitement in the air and I feel very lucky to be a part of a great team.

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