Monday, October 09, 2006

More Portland Pics

The leaves have been falling like CRAZY outside my office window today. The first full throws of fall.

Today is incredibly busy trying to work on the newsletter and wrap our thoughts around the incredible time we had in Portland. I think tomorrow I'm taking off to prepare for my upcoming trip to Italy. (Eeek!!) My good intentions of learning Italian seem laughable in that I'm currently on the "How are you?" section of my Italian book but at least I'll be able to say that. Looks like I'll be speaking a lot of Spanish in Genoa.

Totally unrelated, I thought I'd pass on these photos of our hotel room transformation. It was pretty wild. Just imagine three people carrying all these supplies (cameras, tripods...WALLS) through the lobby of a fancy hotel! Ha!

Before-------->After (background sink is proof) ---------->

Also- if you have any suggestions of good books for the long flight I should either get in hard copy or on tape, please let me know. I have TWO FIVE HOUR layovers and good distraction will be very much appreciated!

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