Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Viva Italia

Preparing for a trip is like walking across a bed of nails for some REALLY good chocolate cake. My cake is shaped like Italy. So it's ice cream cake. Gelato. And pizza. And wine. It's a wine pizza ice cream chocolate cake. But even though I know it's going to be really good, I still have to walk across the nails. I'm currently between the "oh, crazy, I *totally* will have extra space!" and "What ALL am I bringing? I can't NEED all of this. Where did all the space go?!" phases of packing.

While I wait for laundry, I'm posting, well, random random things including what I should just call quite artistically, "The Leaves of CCP." Or rather, "The Back Sides of Leaves of CCP." Oh yes, very profound. Really I've just discovered how to use my macro setting. It's like I'm in preschool and I finally learned how to tie my shoe and I'm running around showing EVERYBODY that I can tie my shoe.

Ahem, without further ado...The Back Sides of Leaves of CCP...And other stuff.

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