Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chihuahua Nation

CCP is somewhat of a cat sanctuary. Dogs have lived here but cats have a way of finding us. We’ve done midnight emergency vet runs when a stray appears injured on our door. Apparently our outside feeding is a big hit on the feline grape vine. Someday I’ll post a cat map of the yard for they have their own territories and everything. Eat lunch outside and it sort of feels like being on cat safari.

For the most part, things are peaceful among the inhabitants. That peace shattered Sunday as 2 3-lb yappy missiles sprinted across the driveway and into the house. Like a bowling ball hitting a strike. They shake. They snuggle. They are WHOLEY human dependent. They are the closest thing Lynn and Jim have to grandchildren. They are Ramsey and Hunter the Chihuahuas.

Chaos reigns for a solid week. Benjamin keeps to stools and desks while in the house but spends most of his day out in the offices making his annoyance known. Craft projects have all been raised above Hunter level and life as we know it will resume sometime next week when Jim and Lynn’s son and daughter-in-law return to claim their children. Until then, all of us at CCP are taking one big turn at dog sitting.

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