Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Holy Moly Mackeroly

Gloria Page finished her second day of filming today and all I can say is GLORIOUS. Her use of design is phenomenal and she wields carving tools and cutting surfaces like the pro she is. I left the studio to run errands (ballot in the appropriate box…finally) and came back to Lynn hastening me upstairs. “You have to take a look at this stuff,” she says. I am not disappointed. We’re already discussing how we’ll kill three hours between bringing Gloria to her 9am flight (7am at airport) and when the Portland paper stores open. I think we’ll manage because these projects MUST BE TRIED. This is one of the major perks of my job.

The last few days have brought a bit of adventure to CCP. Day 1 of Gloria’s visit, someone who will remain unnamed got confused about the time change and set Gloria’s alarm clock ahead an hour. This would have only been so bad, but then Gloria came in after preparing her supplies, looked at the 1am reading on the clock and thought, “that can’t be right.” She went into the kitchen in search of the real time but that clock said 11pm. Her watch (broken) said 10pm. And her other clock said midnight. She went back into her room and decided to be safe she’d get herself up based on the latest one. The result? Gloria awoke and wondering where the rest of the troops were at 4am!!!

Day 1 excitement. Onto Day 2:

Day two was a different sort. Jim woke to a sound in the middle of the night. He thought it was nothing in that the rain has been POUNDING our doors and windows for the past few nights. When he went into the bathroom however, he found a waterfall cascading from the skylight into the bathroom below and threatening the floor/roof below. He sounded the troop (Lynn) and at 1:30am he had to set up a latter and brave the roof to clear what was ever blocking the drains. This is all still IN THE POURING RAIN. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Lynn is grabbing anything that can work as a towel and trying to clean up the gushing water before it drops through the level below.

To say the least: they didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night. We’re hoping for sound sleep tonight.

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