Monday, November 20, 2006

Upstairs and Downstairs

Today the office seemed split. Upstairs Zach and I were on a rotating wheel of computer near disasters and muffled curses. Everything we were trying to do took twice as long. Downstairs Mom, Susan and her husband who came into help were moving twice or three times as fast working on getting out all the Ann Baldwin orders. I can barely contain my excitement that the Ann Baldwin DVD is finally going out. For a week I kept pestering Susan asking, "Is it coming today? Is it coming today?" And finally the big truck pulled up with the boxes and once again our supply room is brimming.

Upstairs = muffled cursing
Downstairs = unmuffled joke telling and general happiness

Thank goodness Zach's and my day ended with an email Susan forwarded from a customer in England. The customer wrote that she had just gotten her latest DVDs and had only intended to pop them in to see if they worked and ended up spending the whole day watching them. She's waiting for her Ann Baldwin. Probably one of the ones the Fantastic Three shipped off today. I almost want to email her back and ask her to let us know what she thinks about Baldwin. I admit that it really makes a difference getting emails like this. I have to remember this and start writing letters to the companies I appreciate. Because inevitably there is probably a girl somewhere praying her computer doesn't crash and erase everything who needs some nice words from the outside world.

(Update: Ann Baldwin now has a second Creative Catalyst DVD workshop:  Text & Texture in Mixed Media Collage)

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