Thursday, November 02, 2006

Costume or Cocktail Carving Party!

It's been almost a week since our Halloween party. We put in some MAJOR hours and the result was a lot of fun. I have notes for next year although I probably should wait until about August to mention anything to those laborers.

The entire livingroom was COVERED in yarn. Jim's years as a Boy Scout really came in handy in webwork of a different kind than he does during the work week.

I should make a note here that Susan the Office Manager is REALLY scared of spiders. We didn't decide on spiders anywhere (even cute ones like the ones above) until she said that she and her husband were spending the weekend in Portland and would therefor miss the party. When we decided on spiders we went out and double checked that she couldn't make it before buying supplies.

We decided to leave Mr. Mummy in Susan's office chair Monday morning. It was that or the GIANT spider from the fireplace but we like Susan and well, you don't mess with the woman who makes sure you get your paycheck.

This was the best of the decorations. The tree is constructed of cardboard, chicken wire, tape, and hot glue. Real tree branches emerge and the leaves are wire and brown paper. My idea but not my labor. Great work from Lynn and Jim.

Both of these tables couldn't fit any more dishes by the time all the food had been set out. Zach did all the cooking. Neighbors and friends brought a few wonderful dishes but Zach really went above and beyond. The man can cook!

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