Thursday, December 21, 2006

Craft Cat: Project 1 (Tea)

Due to the chaos of the past week, our news letter didn't include Craft Cat. I wanted to put up some ideas for Holiday projects. Please forgive the photography. It was sort of snap and go.

But before the projects, here's some updates on what's going down here:

-filming with David Kitler finished up last night around 10pm. This was sort of a marathon shoot in that David's work has such detail. Filming didn't wrap until 11:30pm one night even! The man can draw and the DVD is going to be great. We wish him a safe drive back north.

-Zach is working on Claudine Hellmuth's DVD audio as I write, which means we are getting closer to getting that out. I'm really excited about this and have been playing with the techniques since she filmed in October. I've kept mum but it's almost too hard.

-I'm in the middle of the final rough edit of Sherri Haab Metal Clay. The Watson and Guptel book/DVD comes out I think in spring. We'll be releasing at least one more of her DVDs then. Your gifting with never be the same!

-Tonight is the Holiday Party complete with secret santas. We just got the news this morning that Lynn and Jim are giving us Friday AND Tuesday off. Very nice of them. Zach and I will both be using some of that time to make up hours. We *almost* got to leave our computers!

Onto the goods:

Project 1: Decorative Tea

Assortment of Tea
Small rectangles of various papers

Remove paper tags from tea bags. (Careful with the staple)
Add your paper and staple.

Wrap these in a box and give with a pretty mug for a complete gift!

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claudine hellmuth said...

hey there! just found your blog! yay! I can't wait to see the DVD! Oh boy!

Merry Christmas!