Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Handmade for the Holidays

I walked into a shopping mall this week and had a scary revelation:
The Holidays are upon us.

On the one hand this means baking, good movies, and hot cocoa!

On the other hand, it means confined spaces brimming with so many people you wonder if they are all actually real.
So I threw down the gauntlet...

...which was an empty Starbucks cup, which I quickly picked up because I'm strongly anti-littering...
...and am making a goal for myself: I want to hand make my Christmas.

No final product can come from a mall. My gift list isn't so long- around 11-12 people.
The men will be the toughest, but they are anyways.

Here are my (completely arbitrary) rules:
Gifts must be handmade, secondhand or altered new. For example, if I screen print clothing I don't have to make the clothes; however it would be better if they came from Goodwill. Double points!

When the season is over, I'll look back and see how I did. So pull out the supplies, good ideas, and of course, the cocoa. The holidays are in full swing.

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