Tuesday, December 05, 2006

T Minus

I can see it right there on the calendar. Twenty, count’em 2-0, days until Christmas. If you take out days we have David Kitler here, and then the holiday parties and perhaps count sleeping, that really only leaves like 10 days. This probably isn’t helpful thinking. What IS helpful thinking is that somewhere in that giant pile of fabric, paper and paint (spanning now 3 rooms) are loads of *potential* gifts.

In other news, Creative Catalyst Productions rescued an abandoned cat out of a drainage ditch this past weekend. (Our shoes will be muddy until spring). It’s amazing how hunger overcomes fear. Bobby (her temporary name) was emaciated and terrified. All it took was a cat of wet cat food and a good night’s sleep someplace safe and she follows us around the yard hoping for some attention. Our neighbors have offered to take her and she’ll have her first vet appointment next week. Thank goodness for we’ve reached cat capacity. If our neighbors hadn’t offered, I was on a campaign to offer a cat adoption in our newsletter. Speaking of newsletter...back to work!

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