Friday, December 22, 2006

Craft Cat Project 2: Snowflakes

Decorate someones door (maybe while they sleep) with this cute and easy project! I hung them across Susan's office.

Again- Forgive the photos. Apparently I don't have the skill for something as complex as white on brown photography. Guess I'll never be an Arctic photographer after all.

5 Pipe cleaners per snowflake
(cut 2 in half and 3 keep whole)
Chop stick

Wrap a whole pipe cleaner around chop stick. Wrap medium tight. Carefully pull pipe cleaner off chopstick.
Pull half a pipe cleaner through the tight coils. Gently extend coils so that they are length of half pipe cleaner.
Repeat this 2 more times until you have three total.

Take the 3 and stack on top of each other so that their centers overlap. Space evenly.

Wrap final half pipe cleaner around the centers making sure that you wind in between each connecting so that nothing jostles loose.

Put a dob of glitter glue on your finger and rub it lightly into pipe cleaner. Let side dry before adding glitter glue to opposite side. To hang, tie thread to one of the snowflake legs and the other to whatever.

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Vicky Jo said...

where did you find white chopsticks?