Saturday, December 16, 2006

Let there be...oh nevermind.

If you were standing in the Creative Catalyst Productions office on Thursday night around 7:15 pm, this is what you would see.

And then if you were standing in that same place at 10 am the next morning?

Wait, oh wait, what about 7pm Friday night?

You guessed it...

Actually, for a good portion of today you would have Susan in the semi pitch dark running orders through one computer run by our neighbor's power and the postage printer running off a borrowed family generator (her family's generator). She was absolutely determined to get orders off but finally had to leave around 4 because her fingers were so cold (no extra power for heat!)

So now Jim, Lynn and I are all in hotel rooms and might be setting up a studio for filming David Kitler in one as well a la Portland Art and Soul style (only without the sounds of low flying jets.) David is somewhere between here and the Canadian border driving south. We can't get a hold of him (he has no cell phone) to let him know that the road MapQuest is probably telling him to take to our studio might be under 6 + inches of water by the time he arrives...oh, AND that there is no power and we're moving the entire operation elsewhere. Who knew that EVERY conference room in the city would be filled with holiday type festivities. There are actually a LOT of conference rooms in our small town. There are also apparently a lot of holiday festivities.

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