Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Update

I love being TV shows on DVDs. I also love sleep. Those two things are not mutually compatible.

Today I'm back at Carla O'Connor's lovely workshop. I learn something every time I make a pass on the material (I'm on pass 4). What I'm learning though isn't simply technique, it's how to think about the work as a whole. How to weave together the parts to create something tighter overall.

On a work note: I think I'm getting better as an editor and that excites me. You know how sometimes you plateau and then you'll feel a little improvement bump? I got a bump with Carla. I'm learning to approach the material in a different way and it will make the workshops better as a whole. (Also, it will help make life easier for Z as he does all the editing work after me.)

(Image from Carla O'Connor's Workshop from Creative Catalyst Productions)

***Update*** Check out Carla's DVD workshop!

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