Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Not Child's Play

Sometimes it takes several times back and forth across a lovely rug before I notice that I am walking atop art. Then, somewhat awkwardly, I stand in one place and just stare down. Art and history come together to create amazing beauty.

Unfortunately, this beauty comes at a cost to the tune of 300,000 child laborers often working in terrible conditions through out South Asia. The United States is the largest purchaser of rugs worldwide and many of our rugs came with the sweat of children.

In 1994, RugMark began changing the way the rug market does business. With backing from groups like UNICEF, RugMark certifies rugs to be child labor free. So the next time you or a friend are out looking to buy a beautiful piece of art for your floor, look for the RugMark tag. Your conscious can rest easy and you can help let the industry know that there is a demand for child free rugs.

To learn more about RugMark and the amazing programs they support, visit rugmark.org.

(all pictures used with permission of RugMark)

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