Friday, April 29, 2011

Week 4: Felt Circle Flowers

Fabric flowers don't have to complicated. They don't need a lot of complicated twists and folds. Sometimes all you need are a bunch of circles to bright someone's day.

Any fabric, etc (Great use for small scraps!)
Floral Wire
Hot Glue

1. Cut the bottom circle out of felt. The felt gives it support. You're base could be fabric but it might droop a bit if the circle is too large. (I'm rewatching the TV series Numb3rs right now so I almost made a surface area and gravity joke.)

2. Then cut small circles out of all your other fabrics and make a fabric sandwich. Mix and match. I went with analogous warm tones because I wanted the flowers to all work together. Carrie Burns Brown taught me that if you want that to happen, work in a color family.

3. Hand sew (or machine if you have that skill :) everything but the bottom felt circle together. I used a thread that matched my bottom felt. Again this was simply tie the flower together a bit better.

4. Heat up that hot glue gun and glue the top sewn stack with your base. You don't want it sopping with glue because it might discolor the felt or fabric on top.

5. Finally twist a stem (like I showed near the end of this video here) and glue the stem onto the flower.

These would also be pretty in a child's hair. Originally I had intended to make these the week of Easter but apparently Easter is a week earlier than I thought! Woot!

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