Friday, April 15, 2011

Week 2: Painted Stems

I use brown floral wire for almost all of the fabric flowers I make. When I made flower arrangements for my husband's and my wedding, I kept feeling like something was missing. Originally I thought it was the bulk that leaves make. And while, yes, there was some of that, I think a fair amount was the fact that the stems were brown.

There's an easy solution no further than the 99 cent paint isle of your local craft store. Paint. If it's summer and you've got a lot of stems to make, pull out the spray paint. If you don't have a million to make, use paint and a brush.

You can twist the stems either before or after you paint them. I got this color with Delta Creative's Ceramcoat, Santas Flesh, which suddenly sounds very creepy. The painting really adds to the personal touch. You can make poms (any flower) with the season and holiday in mind. These gray and pink flowers would be lovely for a bridal shower, a baby shower or an Easter Brunch.

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