Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heart Ring

Wedding cards have caused me trouble in the past. Up until a few years ago, I had gone to zero weddings so I had little to no experience with the genre. The first few I made were *awful.* Aaaaand then two years ago the weddings began and this year we're attending four so I need to get on my game.  I really love cards and I want to be able to create something from the heart for these people I care deeply about. Here is try #1. I think it's a pretty good first effort. The values are all a bit too similar (a common problem of mine) but otherwise, I like the super simple design. Maybe I could add another circle so it's less Happy Engagement! and more Happy Life Together!


andrea said...

Oh pretty! I like it!

Kelly said...

Thank you! :)

Susan said...

Love the paper and the ring! I think you did a great job!