Monday, April 25, 2011

Vase + Facelift = Vaselift!

Happy Monday!

Easter has come and gone already. Can you believe it? From a craft stand point, that means we're in bit of a dry spell...except if you love weddings. Then this is like the super holiday season of weddings. And there are also birthdays. Birthdays are mini holidays sprinkled throughout the year to keep us going. I'm always a day or week late on those celebrations including this year when I made a bouquet of flowers for a friend (photos and tutorial will arrive in a few months for that one :) and needed a vase. 
Z (<-- husband) and I have a bunch of just off white spray painted vases from our wedding and I try and use them when I give away flowers real or paper. The off white didn't work with the white flowers so I filled it with happy birthdays and then glazed it with white paint. First off, sharpie pen turns purple when hit with liquid sometimes. So my black plan became purple plan. Secondly, if you put white glaze on a non porous surface, it will take forever to dry. FOREVER. So plan accordingly.

I did not plan accordingly and it meant I looked incredibly ridiculous in the passenger's seat driving across Portland with a set vase balanced up right with my two fingers in the opening while the real bouquet sat in a second bottle teetering between my knees.

Due to bad camera work the second image looks whiter than the third, but I can assure you it was *mostly* a white vase by the time it got to the friend.

Also, I love how handwriting looks amassed in a single place. It just becomes this neat pattern of its own.


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Santi-FUCKIN'-ago said...

I never thought of your concept idea of birthdays being little holidays sprinkled throughout the year that's a very interesting thought I also love your photos and crafts. Like always theirs an Astounding life of... something.

andrea said...

Oh wow! This is really coo! great idea.